Kathleen Wilson – School Counselor Ed.s

Testimonial from Cleveland High School Teacher
November 8, 2018
Mary Crabtree – School Counselor
November 14, 2018
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Dear Reba,
It has been very interesting since y’all came.  During guidance lessons, I asked the students if they wanted to reflect on the guest speakers we had from The Bridge. Several students wanted to write letters to Mr. Scott. I gave the students time to write a letter during the class. They asked me to read them and I learned so much more about our children and their families. We decided to make a lunch group with some students who have really been affected by drugs in their families.
Thank you so much for helping our student family at Arnold feel stronger and better prepared for the peer pressures they will face and making a difficult subject easier to talk about.
Thank you again,
Kathleen Wilson
School Counselor Ed.s