Our Mission


Knowledge is power. ATS The Bridge is committed to increasing knowledge about the dangers of substance abuse, opioids, and behaviors. Our target population is adolescents. This is the time in life when youth are given more freedom and are more vulnerable to temptations, as they often have less structure and support around them. We want to arm them with the facts and give them the tools they need to prevent addiction. However, raising awareness is necessary amongst all age groups. We will speak to any audience, i.e. civic clubs, churches, pastors, teachers, etc.


When a person of any age realizes that he/she has an addiction, and is ready to seek help, ATS The Bridge offers a Resources page that shares resources in all of our surrounding areas, you can view it here. Treatment may take the form of in-patient for detox and rehabilitation, intensive outpatient treatment, and/or out-patient treatment, depending upon his/her needs.


Sometimes people realize they are headed toward addiction and are able to make the decision to change directions before they reach the place of needing medical detox. In these cases, participation in a group such as Celebrate Recovery or Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous has proven to be extremely helpful. In other cases, people may find they need these sources following discharge from in-patient treatment.