It’s Red Ribbon week and we are excited to highlight some of our schools and ambassadors of ATS The Bridge as they take a stand! So very proud of these amazing students below!
Thank you to the amazing staff and awesome students at Oak Grove Elementary and Bradley Central High School! We enjoyed being with you all again as we celebrate Red Ribbon Week!

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, aimed at teenagers, starts TODAY! The goal of this week is to “shatter the myths” about drug and alcohol use! Keep checking our posts daily for interesting facts which will be shared by some amazing students from our community! Be sure to like our FB page and share each post.

Day 1:

FACT: Did you know that addiction harms the brain in at least 3 ways? The changes caused by drug use or misuse could have long-lasting effects.

Knowledge is power! Learn more

Day 2: Prescription opioids are used mostly to treat moderate to severe pain and can make people feel relaxed and happy.

Heroin, an illegal street drug, and prescription opioids are chemically similar and can produce a similar high. Heroin is sometimes cheaper and easier to get and is very addictive.

To read more about Heroin:

Thank you to our dear friend Rachel Goins for always being willing to help us share the FACTS about the effects of drugs and addiction! Knowledge is power!